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How to Use a Trademark to Stand Out from Your Competitors and Protect Your Brand
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What Can the Brand Protection Package Do For Your Business?

  • Register Your Trademark so you can build trust with your audience, establish your authority, and protect your brand and your business.
  • Keep competitors and copycats from using your trademark or something similar! With the way things go online, it might just be a matter of time before someone copies you!
  • ​It’s better to start this process early! You don’t need to have your product or service complete yet. In fact, it’s better to register your trademark early so that you can avoid time-consuming trouble later on.
  • Let me handle all the legal stuff! I’m a lawyer! Legal stuff, paperwork, navigating all the required preparation, applications, filing, and responses is what I do. I’ll take care of it all so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Your trademark lets the world know you’re serious! Use your trademark as a way to stand out, be seen as an expert, and generate more visibility for your brand.

It’s Time to Let the World Know Your Brand, Your Business, and Your Offers Are Actually Yours!

Amy Nesheim
Have you ever seen the little ® symbol next to a product name or business? 

That symbol ® is there so people know who sells it. 

A trademark puts YOU on the map. Now only YOU can legally use the trademark you registered!

A trademark can help you establish your authority, show others that you’re an expert, and help you build trust with your audience…

...and it can help protect you from the “copycats” that are so common in the online world.

If you’re going to put your amazing ideas out into the world, other people WILL see what you’re doing and imitate them or even copy them. It happens!

Plus, as part of the Brand Protection Package, I’ll help you determine if you’re infringing on someone else’s trademark! As you can imagine, this can help you save A LOT of time and trouble later.

You’ve Worked Hard to Build Your Business.
Now It’s Time to Legally Protect It with a Trademark.

Don’t let all your hard work go to waste! And don’t risk getting a cease & desist Letter or threats of trademark infringement lawsuits!

Even if you haven’t launched yet, even if you’re in the starting stages of your business, it’s vital that you legally protect your business right now. If you don’t, you may be signing yourself up for a lot of work (or expenses) later when you’re forced to rebrand or if you need representation in a trademark infringement lawsuit. 

So, let’s schedule a time to talk about my Brand Protection Package and see if a trademark is right for your business. The 1-on-1 consultation is no cost. Let’s talk and see if my Brand Protection Package is right for you. 

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What's Included in the Brand Protection Package?

  • Comprehensive US trademark search and analysis for one trademark (plus a complementary second search if the first trademark is unavailable) ($700 value)
  • ​Preparation and filing of one trademark application with the USPTO ($850 value)
  • ​USPTO application filing fee for one class ($350 value)
  • ​Trademark application monitoring and updates ($400 value)
  • ​Responses to all Office Actions from the USPTO ($1200+ value)
  • ​Unlimited support via email regarding your application ($400 value)
  • ​Preparation and filing of a statement of use and extension requests if applicable (additional government filing fees may be required)  ($400 value)
  • ​A trademark registration certificate from the USPTO
  • ​Guidance on how to maintain and protect your registered trademark ($150 value)

Total value: $4,450

Your Price: $2,500

or 3 payments of $915

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